Wouldn't it be great to quickly correct colour, fix tricky exposure challenges and get the most out of their RAW files in just one click?

PROSETS are our take on creating the best colours possible in Camera RAW and Lightroom and also giving you presets that not only correct the colours but also help you to handle difficult lighting conditions and edit your images with the click of just one button

We have designed these PROSETS to help you with these challenges and get better results from your RAW files.


Getting perfect colours "out of the box" is difficult to achieve. Our PROSETS improve the colours of your RAW images and give better and more accurate results in a wide variety of hard-to-handle scenarios.

Our PROSETS are what we call "One Click Wonders" that do the heavy lifting for you and get you to a great starting point with just one click.

We have designed our PROSETS to work with all of the major camera brands RAW files and have done extensive testing on Canon, Nikon, Sony and Olympus files. The PROSETS work on both Mac and PC (LR V7+ & PS CS6+).

We created these for birds, but they also work great on a large variety of other images.






Canon 7DII + Adobe Standard = Flat, Lifeless Colours vs. "Fiery Reds" = Vibrant Life-like Colours
Canon R5 + Adobe Standard = Yellow and Reds Dull  vs. "Vibrant More Contrast" = Much Nicer Colours in One Click!
Sony A1 + Adobe Colour = Underexposed, Dull File   "Oops I Underexposed" = Fixed in One Click!!
Nikon D500 + Camera Standard = Strange Colours   Reds Pack "Punchy" = Realistic red colours restored!!
Canon 7D + Adobe Standard Lacks Colour & is Too Dark  vs.  "Standard More Contrast" = Enhanced Colour and Brighter Subject 
Canon R5 + Adobe Colour & Tricky Bright Background vs. "Digital Fill Flash" = Fixes Colours and Lighting! 
Canon R5 + Camera Standard = Dark and Dull Colours  vs. Vibrant "Jack of All Trades" = Brings Life to the Image!
Drone +  Adobe Standard  Lacks Impact vs. Vibrant "Max Contrast" = Much More Interesting!